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One Month Down

by Kevin Harrington

Can you believe that January is almost over? It seems like just yesterday when we were counting down the seconds left in 2014 and eagerly awaiting the start of 2015. Well, we’ve now had almost an entire month in 2015. How are those resolutions coming along? Are the diets already ruined? When was the last […]

What Does It Matter?

by Kevin Harrington

“It’s nobody else’s business how I live…”      This claim has sure become a popular catch phrase today. You hear it almost every day. It is often said as an excuse for immoral, self-destructive, selfish behavior. Strangely, people don’t say, “It’s nobody else’s business how I live” when they are generous, righteous, and helpful. The […]

Giving Up Already?

by Kevin Harrington

Adam Greenberg was a promising young baseball player with a bright future in the big leagues. On July 9, 2005, at the age of 24, Adam finally got his chance to play for the Chicago Cubs. On the very first pitch of his very first at bat, he was hit in the back of the […]

The New Me

by Kevin Harrington

This past Thursday we all rang in the New Year. On Wednesday we were all trying to fit in the “lasts” of 2014. The last hamburger before the diet began. The last lazy day before the exercise program starts. Then, as we watched the ball drop, we watched 2014 disappear. It’s amazing how time flies. […]