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In Case of Emergency

by Kevin Harrington

We’ve all seen the signs and heard the sayings: “In case of emergency, break glass…” “In case of emergency, call 911” “In case of emergency, put your mask on first and then your child’s” “In case of emergency…” We know that depending on what emergency we are in, there are different rules and expectations. I […]

Isolation…It Could Be Worse

by Kevin Harrington

Isolation is starting to get to a lot of people. By now, several Americans have been in self-quarantine (in some states even mandated quarantine) for a little under two weeks now. You can only do the same ole’ thing at home every day for so long before you start getting a little antsy. Depending on […]

The Virus of Sin

by Kevin Harrington

Fear and hysteria have overtaken our country. I have never seen anything like this. Covid-19 has killed thousands of people worldwide, infected thousands more, and is still rampaging its way through the world. For many people, this virus will be nothing more than the common flu, but for others, it could be death. People are […]

Holy, Holy, Holy

by Kevin Harrington

Last week, an EF-4 tornado ripped through middle Tennessee, claiming the lives of 21 souls. Three of those souls belonged to Josh, Erin, and Sawyer Kimberlin. The Kimberlins were faithful Christians who worshipped with a local church family in Tennessee. In the hours that passed after the tornado, all three were reported missing. Family and […]

Did It Really Happen?

by Kevin Harrington

Last week we talked about Jesus’ miracles and whether or not we could believe them to be true. You can read more about that here. However, Jesus’ greatest miracle has been one that has always been questioned…even from the time it first happened. When a group of women showed up at Jesus’ grave early one […]