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An 8-Cow Wife

by Kevin Harrington

     On an isolated Pacific island, it was the custom for a young man to announce his intention of marriage to the entire village. After the announcement, he and the whole community went to the young woman’s home. Her father would come outside and then, in front of the whole community, the father and […]

Marrying Someone Who Is Not A Strong Christian

by Kevin Harrington

Many young Christians do not see the heartache and difficulty that they add to a marriage when they marry someone who is not a strong Christian. Mom’s and Dad’s need to teach the importance of finding a mate who will help them get to Heaven. Some have married a Christian, but the one that they […]

Marriage As God Designed It

by Kevin Harrington

People pay good money to have a professional designer come into their home and tell them what color to paint the walls, where to hang pieces of art, and how to arrange their furniture. “Design” shows are all the rage right now on TV. What would you pay for a “designer” to come into your […]