It’s seems like everyone is tired these days. If you have young children, you’re especially tired. Even if you don’t, the rat race of life is enough to knock most people down. We are expected by society to be successful at work and school, all while maintaining perfect health, beauty, families, and social lives. Somewhere in the middle of all that they say we are supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep. Who are they kidding? Maybe that’s why energy drinks and energy supplements are so popular right now.

One thing was left off the above list of activities: our spiritual lives. God belongs somewhere in the middle of all that chaos. But where? We don’t have any more time to give. We are tired and worn out. It always amazes me how much time we will devote to the “extra” things, but how little time we will devote to Godly things. How much time do we spend mindlessly scrolling on Facebook and Instagram? How much time do we spend at the ball fields? How much time do we spend preparing a presentation for work?

God deserves more. We should be teaching our children (as well as our friends and families) that no matter how tired we are…God is important to us. No matter how busy we get…we are never too busy for God. It’s always amazed me how people will jam pack their Saturdays full of fun activities (and of course, they won’t be late to “fun things”), post all the social media pictures from their day of fun, but then are too tired or magically don’t feel well on Sunday morning for worship! God deserves more.

God deserves the best we can give. He deserves more from us. Maybe that means trimming a few activities out of our schedules. Maybe that means setting reminders on our phones to pray or read scriptures, or going to bed early on Saturday so we can be rested for worship the next morning. Life is difficult and tiring, but God deserves more. He deserves our best. So let’s give it to Him.

~ Kevin

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