Our world was shocked yesterday when news broke about a helicopter crash that took the life of basketball star, Kobe Bryant. Also on the helicopter was his thirteen year old daughter and seven others who died in the crash. Kobe Bryant was loved by all, both on and off the court. I remember meeting him one time in my hometown of Fullerton, CA. He and his wife would frequent a little Mexican food place called El Camino Real. He was genuinely a nice person that wanted to do good for his community.

I don’t know what Kobe’s relationship with Christ was like, but the events of yesterday are a sobering reminder that life is short. At any moment, we may be called home to meet our Creator. From the news that has been released, the ages of the deceased are 13-45. None of them expected their lives to end after entering that helicopter. They all had plans and bright futures. But that’s the sobering thing about life…plans change. Sometimes that means choosing a different place to eat lunch. Unfortunately, other times it means canceling all plans and preparing to meet our almighty God.

What are your plans for the future? What kind of life do you want to live? What happens if you don’t live to see those future plans? Not all of us are going to live long, happy lives. However, all of usĀ will be meeting God. All of our knees will bow and all of our tongues will confess Jesus as Lord. It’s not wrong to make plans for our lives, but please be sure to be making eternal plans along the way. A relationship with Jesus is the only way to spend eternity with the Father (John 14:6).

I don’t know Kobe’s status with Christ. I don’t know if any of those souls were prepared to meet Jesus yesterday…but they did. I hope when my times comes…I’m ready to meet Him. I hope I have obeyed His Gospel and His word. I hope I have loved God and loved others. I have confidence knowing if I’ve done my part…salvation is waiting for me in Heaven. Life is short, but eternity is long. I hope I see you there!

~ Kevin

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