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He Is Risen

by Kevin Harrington

     Today is the day the world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Churches will hold special masses; people will perform special plays and sing special songs. I’ve been seeing crosses with purple sashes on them all around town. Today and Christmas are known as the most special religious holidays in the modern world. […]

An 8-Cow Wife

by Kevin Harrington

     On an isolated Pacific island, it was the custom for a young man to announce his intention of marriage to the entire village. After the announcement, he and the whole community went to the young woman’s home. Her father would come outside and then, in front of the whole community, the father and […]

Growing Spiritually Closer to God’s Family

by Kevin Harrington

We have all heard the sermons and read the verses in the Bible that talk about how God’s saved are to become a family. When baptized, we become a member of the Lord’s church (1 Cor. 12:12-13), we become unified with Christ and with His body (Gal. 3:27), and we become a member of the […]

Marrying Someone Who Is Not A Strong Christian

by Kevin Harrington

Many young Christians do not see the heartache and difficulty that they add to a marriage when they marry someone who is not a strong Christian. Mom’s and Dad’s need to teach the importance of finding a mate who will help them get to Heaven. Some have married a Christian, but the one that they […]