Last week, an EF-4 tornado ripped through middle Tennessee, claiming the lives of 21 souls. Three of those souls belonged to Josh, Erin, and Sawyer Kimberlin. The Kimberlins were faithful Christians who worshipped with a local church family in Tennessee. In the hours that passed after the tornado, all three were reported missing. Family and friends searched shelters and hospitals, but could find nothing. Eventually the news came that all three were found, but all three had passed away. There are many Christians mourning the death of these precious souls (as well as the others who perished that day), but little Sawyer has had an impact that many wish to have, but only few accomplish.

I’ve often heard that you can measure your influence not by what you do while living, but what you continue to do once you’re gone. Sawyer was only two years old when he passed away on March 3rd. He never sought to make an impact on this world. He never really had the chance. But on Sunday, March 8th, two year old Sawyer left his mark on this world.

Sawyer’s favorite song to sing at church was “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Some say that his home congregation in Tennessee sang the song on the Sunday before the storms because they knew it was Sawyer’s favorite. However, not just one congregation sang it after his death…hundreds did. Hundreds of churches; thousands of Christians from all over the world joined together to sing Sawyer’s favorite song. There were Christians in the United States, Africa, and Europe who were all united in their message and their purpose. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is a powerful reminder of who our God truly is. Even in the middle of storms and trials, our God is special and holy. Even when times seem dark, God is our light. Even when we are sad and mourning, God is holy. Even when a tornado seems too mighty, our God is mightier. Even when death knocks on our door, God is holy. Our God is in control.

Thousands of Christians sang “Sawyer’s Song” on March 8th, but how many will live it today? You can measure your influence not by what you do while living, but what you continue to do once you’re gone. A two year old boy influenced the world to sing about God and remember His holiness. The least we can do is try to influence the world through our holiness and how we live. God tells His people, “Be holy, for I am holy.” What difference will you make today? Whose life will you change today? Little Sawyer loved God and now they are together. Today, Sawyer is singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” with the angels. It’s up to you and I to live “Holy, Holy, Holy” so that one day we can join Sawyer and his parents in the loving arms of God. Go be holy!

~ Kevin

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