The Virus of Sin
The Virus of Sin

The Virus of Sin

Fear and hysteria have overtaken our country. I have never seen anything like this. Covid-19 has killed thousands of people worldwide, infected thousands more, and is still rampaging its way through the world. For many people, this virus will be nothing more than the common flu, but for others, it could be death. People are understandably afraid for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Any time death is a factor, there is is legitimate cause for concern and action. However, I think in the panic of Covid-19, we have lost focus on another issue that is plaguing our society.

Russ Bowman was just with us for our Gospel Meeting. He posted this on social media this past week:

Challenge for the day: Be as conscious of and as concerned about sin and its consequences as you are about coronavirus and its consequences. We are panicking about the wrong pandemic, folks.

We have seen mass hysteria in our world the last several weeks. I personally don’t have a problem with taking these precautions in order to ensure our safety. I completely understand why the precautions are being taken and I do not want to take anything away from keeping people safe and healthy.

However, I find it interesting that we are this concerned about a virus that, at the time of this writing, has killed less than 70 people in our country, but we will constantly turn a blind eye to sin. Sin is the most deadly virus that man has ever faced. It has infected everyone who has ever walked this earth (except one…Jesus) and it has a 100% death rate. Sin kills (Romans 6:23). You may not see the results of this disease in this life, but you will definitely see the deadly results in eternity. You don’t see hysteria over sin. You don’t see Christians warning others on social media and taking drastic measures to protect their loved one. You don’t see governments getting involved and churches adapting. No…with sin, it’s business as usual. We let it infect our loved one. We let it claim the lives of our brothers and sisters at church. And we even let is damage our hearts and our purity.

It’s time to sound the alarm bells. It’s time to make drastic changes. It’s time to protect your loved ones. The Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. It’s time to wake up and cleanse the world of this deadly disease.

The good thing about the virus of sin? It has a cure. Jesus came to put an end to sin. He died and raised from the dead in order to provide a way to eternal life with the Father. I hope we can find ourselves just as concerned (if not, more concerned) about sin than we are about Covid-19. Your eternity depends on it.

~ Kevin

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