Isolation…It Could Be Worse
Isolation…It Could Be Worse

Isolation…It Could Be Worse

Isolation is starting to get to a lot of people. By now, several Americans have been in self-quarantine (in some states even mandated quarantine) for a little under two weeks now. You can only do the same ole’ thing at home every day for so long before you start getting a little antsy. Depending on who you talk to, this quarantine may last for about 8-10 weeks. Can you imagine doing this for 2 months?! Buckle up!

In the middle of all this chaos, I want to draw your attention to Noah. Remember him? He’s the one that built the ark for the big flood. God told him that the evil of the world would be destroyed during a flood that would cover the entire earth. Noah was to build an ark that would house him, his family, and all the animals as God directed. The fun children songs remind us that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. But don’t forget that Noah and his family were actually on the boat for much longer. In fact, from the time it started raining to the time Noah left the boat, over a year had passed. Yes, you read that right…over a year on a boat with his family…and animals.

We have a saying in my house, “It could be worse.” We have been saying that a lot lately. I know everything going on right now is crazy and worrisome…but it could be worse. Think of our blessing for a moment. We live in a country with great healthcare. Our grocery stores are still getting steady supplies of food and supplies (even the ones that fly off the shelves). Toilet paper is being restocked daily. We still have access to medical help. In Alabama, our isolation and quarantine is not a boat with 7 other family members. Instead, it’s a nice warm house, with a roof to protect us from the rain. We have food in our fridge, clean clothes in our closets, and shoes on our feet. We have books to read, songs to sing, work to do, and games to play. We can take walks in our neighborhood, get food at our favorite restaurants (to go, of course), and even play ball in our backyard.

I sometimes think of how Noah and his family passed the time. We don’t know for sure, so what I’m about to say is strictly me guessing. I know they worked hard because taking care of all those animals would be a full time job. I like to think they focused on quality family time. Did they sing together? Did they pray together? I wonder what their conversations were like at meals with no TV or phones to distract them. Did Noah remind them to have faith in God? I sometimes wonder if the year on the ark made their faith stronger. I bet it did.

When I think about this situation we are in…it could be worse. I could be on a boat…with 7 other people…and hundred of animals…for a year…in total isolation. Use the time you’ve been given wisely. Spend quality time with your family. Take walks and enjoy God’s creation. Talk to them at meals with the TV off. Read scriptures together. Sing together. Restore your faith in God. This virus will pass…just like the flood waters receded. When all is said and done, God is still in control. And God is always with us…even in isolation.

~ Kevin

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