These past few months have hit everyone hard. Life as we know it was turned upside down. From the way we shop for groceries to how we worship has all been changed. Even my job as a preacher changed dramatically. There was no more visiting the sick, no more bulletins on Sunday mornings, and no more greeting people at the door of the church building. Instead, it was sitting by myself in a room, recording lessons on a computer with no audience. My job is all about people, but suddenly, the people were taken away. I was forced to find new ways to reach the congregation with lessons and Bible studies.

I decided to take a break from some of my “regular” duties and spend some time focusing on the “new” way of worship. These Monday’s Minutes, our podcast (The Good Life), and several other projects took a back seat for the past month. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t working. In fact, I think I worked harder the past two months than ever before. I was forced to go back to the drawing board, learn new computer programs, learn how to edit video, learn how to record and stream videos…all that on top of the normal “to do” list for a preacher.

As things are slowly returning to normal, it’s time to resume some of my normal work activities. As I do, there are a few things I’ve noticed about my line of work that could probably apply to our spiritual lives too!

First, it’s good to take a break every once in awhile. Certain tasks become tedious when you do them week in and week out. Sometimes hitting the pause button is a good thing. What do you do that makes you feel rundown? It might be time to give your mind a break. Some quiet time may be all you need.

Second, use your down time to refocus your mind on God. Take a walk, go for a run, sit outside…whatever you do, use your time to talk to God and read His word. It’s amazing what just a little time with God will do for your soul.

Third, come back ready to work. Just because you take a break, doesn’t mean you’re quitting. When your break is over, it’s time to hit “play” again. Come back refocused and recharged.

Every time I go on vacation, I am excited to get away. But I find myself just as excited to get back after a week or so away. I miss the routine. I miss my work. I’m recharged and ready to go. These past few months have been no vacation, but they’ve been a good time to refocus on what’s truly important. Maybe it’s time you take a moment to refocus and recharge. Hit pause on your busy life and focus on what’s truly important. But don’t stay down long…there’s work to be done in God’s kingdom.

~ Kevin

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